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Make it Bigger
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Giving You 134 Percent

We never designed this website. There were no wireframes, no site map, no rounds of design considerations. It just happened as I coded it and Erik gave me feedback and assets (the logo, the rad like icon). I happened to think 950px was wide enough for our sketches. The internet, however, has grown, and so have my monitors. Frankly, I’ve picked up a big ole iMac and a Macbook Air since then and the site looks small. I didn’t want to make the site bigger and have it be too big for those with other laptops and computers, so I devised a different plan. It’s not super special, but it’s really big now—1250px if you have the space—and scales down smoothly to 950px for the rest. Yay!

Now, we just have to make this stuff good enough to not suck at that size…

Here is the process for today’s this post:

Make It Bigger

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