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Don’t do drugs.

I drew this during the Type@Cooper workshop with Mark Jamra. I was laid out sick on the first day of the two-day session, so I had to make up the work quickly. The premise was to draw using tools that would force new results. I tried several, including stir-sticks, Q-tips, and a straw. With each I drew words that reflected properties of the tool. The straw got some really intersting and varied results with watercolor, and the word ‘blow’ made for some good looking words.

The original sketch showed promise, and with only 1.5 hours before the final crit, it seemed possible to digitized and improve quickly:


So from 2:30 to 4 I scanned, digitized, and tweaked with Mark’s input until something balanced yet spirited remained.

Blow Process

Then I sexed it up with some fancy risqué styling for this blog thing.

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