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This past weekend I spent 14 hours in a Ken Barber lettering workshop as part of the Type@Cooper program. Ken is both a great talent and a great instructor. Watching him work on screen was impressive. I can barely sketch at all, let alone lecture while doing it.

We all benefited from Ken’s serious study of the craft of lettering and all of his real-world experience at House Industries. I need more of this explicit practice in techniques, the benefits are apparent in the evolution from poor sketch to final art.

The final (white on black) was digitized in about 4 hours. I suppose the end result as pretty much oblique lettering that looks like type which was swashed out and wrapped in filigree. Ken of course pointed out the nerd humor of lettering the word ‘type.’ I didn’t laugh! The class had loads of interesting takes on the same words

These workshops are open to the public and this one was so popular they added this second session.

Direction/coaching/madebettering: Ken Barber

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