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Sugar kisses

For the 4 of us who run Friends of Type creating a new post everyday goes two ways. Either you have a log full of ideas that last you through the week or none. At times it’s like pumping water out of a dry well and sitting around for it to rain. When this happens we search high and low for ideas but most of the time the inspiration is just waiting for you. It’s a matter of looking in closer. For this post I came across a beautiful piece of these sultry lips by James Joyce (we’re big fans!) I passed the image on to Jason and together we completed the idea for the post. We then found the lips featured on the Rocky Horror Show, and then Salvador Dali’s lip couch. In the end, this post is an homage to those designers out there that help keep us inspired so we’re able to deliver you all original pieces daily.

Here are the images below that we used for the post. Make sure to visit James Joyce’s website, Rent Rocky Horror Picture Show and relax on a Salvador Dalí Mae West’s Lips Sofa.

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