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The Man from Madison

The first time I met Bryan, I wanted to punch him in the face. He was loud, crass, and loved the Greenbay Packers. Nevertheless, these unsurmountable foibles quickly gave way to our common love of obscure rap, old school graffiti, and graphic design. Four years later, with stints at Anomaly, Johnson & Johnson, and BBDO, he remains one of the most hard-working and passionate guys I know. Without fail, he’s always got his hands full with some personal project, bidding on railroad ephemera on eBay, or listening to NPR. It’s a treat for us at FoT to have him kick off 2011 as our 11th guest post’r and represent Madison, Wisconsin to the fullest.

You can follow Bryan on Twitter here.

Introduction by Dennis Payongayong
Post & Interview by Erik Marinovich

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