Friends of Type - Introduction post for Brent Couchman
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Don’t Mess with Texas

Holding onto FoT guest slot number 13 is Mr. Texas himself, Brent Couchman! This Texas native is a recent transplant to San Francisco and is currently working at the design studio Hatch. Brent broke onto the design scene literally overnight several years ago and has never looked back. For those of us trying to catch up, we can admit to having at least one of his design’s saved in our inspiration folder. He will be kicking off year 2 of FoT guest post’r lineup in true Texan style with a whole mess of big posts. Stay tuned over the next 5 days and get ready for awesome, fun and inspiring work from Brent.

Make sure to see his work on all corners of the internet: brentcouchman.comflickr, dribbble, and follow him on twitter.

Friends of Type - Brent Couchman Interview

intro post & interview by erik

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