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Han pops novas
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I love you, internetizens.

I needed some help figuring out a decent set of words to set my control characters in. Who did I call? Our tweeps. With only HOagnopsv to go on, I got some great help from @analogbass, @andrew_baum, @lisidesign, @doughucker, @araadt, @jennykutnow, @gray_hood, @keepingyouawake, and @samanthatonini with wordgen suggestions from @kupfers and @penandpalates.

Ultimately the combos opened up some fun ideas:

“van gangs pass gass on pop song goons asap”

“as a goon Han pops novas”

“Hogan poos vans”

Ultimately I had to go Star Wars. I’m sure you understand.

Thanks for the inspiration!

I should note, this is a first draft of the original type I’m working on in Type@Cooper.

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