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The Master Cleanse

See the Master Cleanse short film and other process pics from the project below the fold.

Last Fall we received an email from Todd Strauss-Schulson and Ken Franchi of Ulterior Productions inquiring our services on creating titles for their short film, ‘The Master Cleanse‘ (Released Today). We jumped at the opportunity and worked closely with Todd to develop the right mood of lettering for the film. There were several phases of lettering we presented prior to landing on the final style.

Here are the first three rough ideas I had for the opening. Option two was selected and then refined to the final version you see in the film.

Friends of Type, Master Cleanse Title Options

Another idea I presented that made the final cut was having the countdown of days become more aggressive as the main characters relationship eroded. Here is a look at all of them together.

Friends of Type, The Master Cleanse Day Countdown


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