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Ampersand Club Workshop @ PSU GD

In January of 2013 we conducted a lettering workshop at Portland State University Graphic Design department called ‘Ampersand Club’. Attendees learned tips, tricks and insight to our process in creating a typical post for Friends of Type. Shown above are 21 ampersands examples created by each participant. A big thank you goes out to Kate Bingaman-Burt for making this all happen!

Fig.1 Alex DeSpain  / Fig.2 Angela Saylors / Fig.3 Ben Woodcock /
Fig.4 Bianca Hansrote / Fig.5 Caitlin Lomen / Fig.6 Cielle Charron /
Fig.7 Jeffery Frankenhauser / Fig.8 Jessie Woodcock / Fig.9 Jordan Hoagbin /
Fig.10 Jose Cazares / Fig.11 Kengo Olsen / Fig.12 Kristie Waldroop /
Fig.13 Melinda Haines / Fig.14 Michelle Leigh / Fig.15 Nathan Gale /
Fig.16 Regeena Jenkins / Fig.17 Savannah Julian / Fig.18 Seth Gale /
Suzette Smith / Fig.20 Yumi Takeda / Fig.21 Taq Bleiler

Friends of Type x PSU GD / Ampersand Club Workshop from Friends of Type on Vimeo.

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