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Truck style

Way back when, my band of 2 designers and I were given an assignment to come up with a design for a food truck that would serve up dumplings to the masses on the streets of the New York City area. With a design brief to have ‘fun’, it was one of those rare opportunities that was open to come up with whatever we could imagine. We landed on the idea of a truck that looked as if it was in the way of a construction site wall being wheat pasted with posters. In the end we came up with 20 different dumpling propaganda posters to cover the sides of the truck. The only caveat was that their typeface of choice was Bank Gothic. Not my ideal typeface to work with but we convinced them to also include loosely drawn letterforms into the mix. Above are some of the favorites that I did and below is a pic of the truck on a Brooklyn street in the winter.


photo by Jordan Provost

Some fun details; the backwards ‘DUMPLINGS’ on the front of the truck so it can be read in car mirrors as they drove by and the roof message to the high rise lunch crowd not to jump from their hunger but to eat dumplings. Not the most profitable job (if at all since we were paid in dumplings) but it was satisfying to get a design through with little compromise from the initial design intent.

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